Libyan army clashes with Islamist militants, 9 killed

To avoid detection by Libyan secret police, who monitor Facebook and Twitter, Mahmoudi, the leader of the Ekhtalef “Difference” Movement, used what’s considered the Match. The Libyan businessman turned opposition leader said he was never politically active before, but as he watched revolutions topple governments in neighboring countries, he knew he needed to act. So he created a Mawada profile called “Where Is Miriam? The conservative site doesn’t allow men to communicate with other men, so other revolutionaries posed as women to contact him, assuming aliases like “Sweet Butterfly,” “Opener of the Mountain,” “Girl of the Desert” and “Melody of Torture. To complete their profiles, they answered the site’s boilerplate questions, such as “How much of your face do you cover? On the site, the revolutionaries used poetry laced with revolutionary references to gauge support and make initial contact. Then they had detailed follow-up conversations via text message and Yahoo Messenger. The phrase “May your day be full of Jasmine,” for example, is a coded reference to what’s been called the Jasmine Revolution sweeping the region, Mahmoudi told ABC News.

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But neither “Where Is Miriam,” nor his admirers are interested in love. They’re interested in toppling the Libyan regime led by Muammar Gaddafi. According to ABC News, the dating site had been used over the past couple of weeks as a clandestine location to exchange information and words of encouragement regarding the citizen uprisings in Libya. Many of the , admirers who follow “Where Is Miriam? But because the dating site forbids contact between men, male dissidents had to forge female identities such as “Girl of the Desert” and “Sweet Butterfly.

Messages posted to Mahmoudi’s page, like the one above, were essentially written in code to further conceal their actions the Jasmine mention is referring to the Jasmine revolution.

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SHAHAT, Libya Reuters — Graffiti covers the ruins of Cyrene in eastern Libya, a city founded by Greeks more than 2, years ago that once attracted tourists but is now neglected and the target of vandals. The sites include the ruins of the Roman city of Leptis Magna and Sabratha, which is famous for its amphitheater. There are also prehistoric rock carvings in the Akakous mountains deep in the southern Sahara desert near the border with Algeria. In the east, tourists once trekked to Cyrene, a site founded by Greeks and later expanded by Romans, nestled in the mountains some km miles east of Benghazi.

But with foreign tourists gone and the sites visited only by Libyan families on weekend trips, locals have seized land at the sites and vandals have even smeared graffiti on columns and walls. That presents a challenge to local authorities trying to protect the ruins located in the small community of Shahat. The challenge is worsened by a law in that allowed people to reclaim land confiscated under Gaddafi.

Some people took that literally and annexed what they felt they deserved. Related Stories Sohag authorities announce state of emergency over burning waste pollution. The effort to preserve ruins is further hampered by the fact that Libya has two governments.

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BENGHAZI, Libya Reuters – Libyan troops struggling to establish control across the country clashed with militants in the eastern city of Benghazi on Monday and at least nine people were killed in the fighting, officials said. Gunfire and explosions could be heard in Benghazi and thick smoke rose from the Ras Obeida area. The army ordered residents to stay off the city streets and recalled troops on leave to their units in the city. Fighting broke out when an army special forces unit pursued a suspect into an area where Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sharia operates its own checkpoints, Benghazi city security officials said.

The port city has been rocked by a wave of car bombs and assassinations. At least nine people were killed and 49 wounded in the gun battles, the Tripoli government said in a statement. The Islamist group blamed the army for the violence, saying special forces had opened fire on an Ansar patrol, according to a statement monitored by the SITE service which tracks Islamist groups.

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On the borders of Tassili N’Ajjer in Algeria, also a World Heritage site, this rocky massif has thousands of cave paintings in very different styles, dating from 12, B. They reflect marked changes in the fauna and flora, and also the different ways of life of the populations that succeeded one another in this region of the Sahara. Las primeras se remontan a Dit rotsachtige massief bevat duizenden grotschilderingen in zeer verschillende stijlen, daterend uit De rotskunst weerspiegelt opvallende veranderingen in de flora en fauna, alsmede de verschillende manieren van leven van bevolkingen die elkaar opgevolgd hebben in deze regio van de Sahara.

Het gebied van Tadrart Acacus is meer dan vierkante kilometer groot en tegenwoordig een woestijn. Source: unesco. About us www. Help preserve sites now! Join the , Members. Search Advanced.

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The sovereign state is made of three historical regions: Tripolitania , Fezzan and Cyrenaica. With an area of almost 1. Libya has been inhabited by Berbers since the late Bronze Age as descendants from Iberomaurusian and Capsian cultures. Libya was variously ruled by Carthaginians , Persians , Egyptians and Greeks before becoming a part of the Roman Empire.

Compound-specific radiocarbon dating of lipid residues preserved in sites in wetland (Sweet Track, UK) and arid (Takarkori Rock Shelter, Libya) locations.

Cart-ruts were first described throughout Malta Archipelago; they were defined as abundant prehistoric Bronze Age Man constructions carved in rock although more recently built cart-ruts may be possible. They consist of deep ruts, rails, tracks, grooves and channels that rarely are strictly parallel. Some of them are convergent or perpendicular to others and also they may abruptly change to curved lines. They are placed either in plains or hill slopes with a variable and high inclination, Cart-ruts purpose is not known, as there were no written images, myth or verbal record about what they were used for.

In the present paper, we show evidence that cart-ruts are found all over Lanzarote Island, mostly placed on hills volcanoes tops or slopes. This fact together with their limited length discards their use for transport vehicles. On the other hand, some Malta and Gozo Islands Malta pottery decoration dated on 5th-4th millennium BC has been found that may represent cart-ruts. This is the first objective and independent evidence indicating that cart-ruts may be dated by other prehistoric information.

Also, cart-ruts social, ritual and religious importance is discussed, as they could be used for space and time measurements, including astronomical calculations. This License allows readers to disseminate and reuse the article, and so will enable the sharing and reuse of scientific material. It does not however permit commercial exploitation or the creation of derivative works without specific permission.

AJOL and the millions of African and international researchers who rely on our free services are deeply grateful for your contribution. Your donation is guaranteed to directly contribute to Africans sharing their research output with a global readership.

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Having interfered in the Libyan civil war since at least and building up a warlord to seize power, France is still denying its involvement and has reached a point where it does not know how to proceed with its approach and interests. France has apparently been growing aggressive in its recent statements about the war-ravaged country, especially since the United Nations-recognized Government of National Accord GNA thwarted a month long campaign of putschist Gen.

The Sahel, which stretches from the Atlantic coast south of the Sahara to the Red Sea and covers the countries of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, is facing many difficulties and challenges, among which are the growing threats of terrorism and organized crime, which increase the fragility of these countries.

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The Precambrian terranes of north east Africa are still poorly known. It is generally believed that the oldest rocks in the region are the charnockitic gneisses of the Uweinat massif, located at the triple junction between Libya-Egypt-Sudan, because they have yielded Rb-Sr ages around 2. This area contains a metaigneous complex formed of tonalite-trondhjemite-granite TTG and gabbro-diorite GbD gneisses with a whole-rock Sm-Nd isochron age of 3. These ages are interpreted to represent arc-magmas produced between 3.

Other TTGs have younger Archean zircon ages that form a continuum between 3. The crust was stable from 2. Neither the reworking from 3. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. SHRIMP dating and nd isotope geology of the archean terranes of the uweinat-kamil inlier, egypt-sudan-libya. Access Status Fulltext not available. Type Journal Article. Metadata Show full item record.

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The sequence at the Haua Fteah, Cyrenaica, in Libya provides a case study. Two strands of study were undertaken as part of the ERC funded Cyrenaica.

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Sisi wants return of the terms of stolen greek-era antiquities. Which has more recently been easier. Every day, the period military insignia occasionally are the right place, including third parties’ ones.

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A tad less than miles away from Tripoli there exists an ancient getaway, an oasis made of mud, lime, and the trunks of palms. Covered alleyways and heat reflecting, creme-colored walls weave in and out of grottos and lead to the old town spring water pool. While none of the buildings from the protohistoric Berber period or the time of Roman domination still stand, the architectural style distinguishes Ghadames from the surrounding pre-Saharan cities.

The houses cluster into a rough circle, the outer walls facing the edges of the city creating a fortified wall around the entire settlement. Inside the walls, the houses utilize different floors for different needs, one for storing goods, another for family living, and the covered alleyways for traveling around the city protected from the blistering desert sun, creating the feel of underground passageways. At the top, open-air terraces are reserved for the women only. Considered the old part of town, new housing has been built outside of the lime-washed walls, however many of the 10, residents of this historic oasis return when the heat becomes unbearable, as those walls still provide more relief from the relentless heat than anywhere else.

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