Description: With the Half-Life Laboratory, students gain a better understanding of radioactive dating and half-lives. Students are able to visualize and model what is meant by the half-life of a reaction. By extension, this experiment is a useful analogy to radioactive decay and carbon dating. This experiment is best used by student working in pairs. Objectives Students try to model radioactive decay by using the scientific thought process of creating a hypothesis, then testing it through inference. It is a great introduction to the scientific process of deducing, forming scientific theories, and communicating with peers. It is also useful in the mathematics classroom by the process of graphing the data. Seeing this connection will help students to understand how scientists can determine the age of a sample by looking at the amount of radioactive material in the sample. Background Half-Life If two nuclei have different masses, but the same atomic number, those nuclei are considered to be isotopes.

orion 1st BCE generation hypothesis

There was a paper in Science last week that has gotten quite a bit of press. It reports further evidence in support of the idea that the Younger Dryas — a distinct period towards the end of the last ice age when the deglaciation in the Northern Hemisphere was interrupted for a period of about years — was caused by a barrage of comets hitting North America. When the first papers on this came out last year, we expressed skepticism. We remain skeptical and our reasons remain unchanged.

But we think it is worth saying a bit more on this, because the reporting on this issue has largely ignored just how big an idea this is, and therefore how much more work would need to be done before it could be taken very seriously. For background, see the good article by Kenneth Chang in the New York Times , which, however, does not address our main concerns with the hypothesis.

Keywords conflict avoidance, dating couples, rumination, satisfaction, standards for openness hypothesis, topic avoidance. Romantic partners want to feel as if.

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Murstein also found evidence that supported the matching hypothesis. Photos of couples in various statuses of relationship (from casually dating to married),​.

S itting at my desk today is a benefit made possible by my mother-in-law. She is taking care of my son, leaving me free to do other work and ideally, in biological terms, have more babies. That, in short, is the leading explanation for why she and other women of her age have evolved to stop having babies of their own and live long post-menopausal lives. It’s known as the grandmother hypothesis. However, this idea, and its comforting portrait of family cooperation, is being challenged.

It has been half a century since scientists began to explore why human females were one of only a couple of species to became infertile so early in their lives. The American evolutionary biologist George Williams wrote in that the menopause may have emerged to protect older women from the risks linked to childbirth, keeping them alive long enough to make sure their children grew up to have grandchildren.

Since then, the scientific debate has heated up. As the study of menopause has grown, with more female researchers joining the ranks, it has become tinged with gender politics.


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The Younger Dryas comet-impact hypothesis: gem of an idea or fool’s gold? (​providing another reason to doubt the Petit et al. attempt at dating Vostok ice.

Rather, in addition to massive ice sheets covering the continents, parts of the planet especially ocean areas near the Equator could have been draped only by a thin, watery layer of ice amid areas of open sea. Under this scenario, photosynthetic organisms in low-ice or ice-free regions could continue to capture sunlight efficiently and survive long periods of extreme cold.

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Rather, in addition to massive ice sheets covering the continents, parts of the planet especially ocean areas near the Equator could have been draped only by a thin, watery layer of ice amid areas….

Adolescent Bullying, Dating, and Mating: Testing an Evolutionary Hypothesis.

The matching hypothesis is a popular psychological social psychology theory proposed by Walster et al. It claims that people are more likely to form long standing relationships with those who are equally physically attractive as they are. Participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire, supposedly for the purposes of computer pairing but actually used to rate similarity.

Molecular dating of demographic changes of two African tropical forest tree species is consistent with the Pleistocene forest refuge hypothesis.

People tend to seek out partners of a similar level of social desirability, not just in terms of physical attractiveness but also in terms of other qualities, like intelligence and personality. The matching hypothesis is almost conventional wisdom, but large-scale online dating data gave four UC Berkeley researchers a new way to evaluate its claims.

Fiore , along with Lindsay Shaw Taylor and G. Mendelsohn from the UC Berkeley Department of Psychology began to use large-scale data to investigate a variety of questions about romantic relationship formation in online settings. As they began to accumulate enormous amounts of data, the emerging field of data science gave them the ability to test a variety of different research questions—including the long-held tenets of the matching hypothesis. With the advent of online dating sites, researchers suddenly had a wealth of relationship data at their fingertips, and data science offered them the tools to look at this large-scale data with a critical eye.

Jobless recoveries and the wait-and-see hypothesis

UAB has participated in a research published in Nature which identified a massive migration of Kurgan populations Yamna culture which went from the Russian steppes to the centre of Europe some 4, years ago, favouring the expansion of Indo-European languages throughout the continent. Migration processes allow scientists to determine whether or not to give support to the linguistic and archaeological theories on the diffusion of languages and cultural material throughout history.

In the case of Europe, one of the still unsolved enigmas is the origin and diversification of the Proto-Indo-European PIE language, considered the source of the majority of languages spoken today in Europe, Asia and America. In contrast to the Anatolian hypothesis, which defends that the diversification of PIE occurred some 8, years ago, when the first farmers from the Near East currently Turkey brought it to Europe, there is the Kurgan hypothesis, which proposes that the language was spread by nomadic herders of the steppes found to the north of the Black and Caspian Sea, and that their language spread throughout Europe after the invention of wheeled vehicles, from 6, to 5, years ago.

Now, an international team of researchers, with the participation of UAB Prehistory professor Roberto Risch, has conducted a genetic study which backs this second hypothesis; they identified a massive migration of herders from the Yamna culture of the North Pontic steppe Russia, Ukraine and Moldavia towards Europe which would have favoured the expansion of at least of few of these Indo-European languages throughout the continent. At the same time, data indicates that, contrary to the dominant view in recent decades, today’s European populations do not descend only from the first hunters-gatherers and from the people arriving during the Neolithic expansion of the Near East.

A Mate Acquisition Trade-Off Hypothesis. Amanda Single: Not dating, casually seeing 1+ partners (n = ). • Dating: Seriously dating one person (n = ).

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Source: Evolutionary Psychology. Dec, Vol. Author s : Volk, Anthony A. Abstract: Traditionally believed to be the result of maladaptive development, bullying perpetration is increasingly being viewed as a potentially adaptive behavior. We were interested in determining whether adolescents who bully others enjoy a key evolutionary benefit: increased dating and mating sexual opportunities. This hypothesis was tested in two independent samples consisting of adolescents and university students.

The data partly supported our prediction that bullying, but not victimization, would predict dating behavior. The data for sexual behavior more clearly supported our hypothesis that bullying behavior predicts an increase in sexual opportunities even when accounting for age, sex, and self-reports of attractiveness, likeability, and peer victimization. These results are generally congruent with the hypothesis that bullying perpetration is, at least in part, an evolutionary adaptive behavior.

Hypotheses about the origins of life

Now that you have made some observations about the sedimentary features in the core, it’s time to determine the age of the sediments and establish a timeline for the core section. The relative ages of cores are determined onboard the JOIDES Resolution by examining both the Earth’s paleomagnetic record and microfossils preserved within the cores. As you learned earlier from Dr. Maureen Davies, magnetic minerals are like microscopic compasses that become aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field at the time the sediments are deposited.

This avoids heartbreak in the long run so seems to be a logical dating strategy, yet there is little evidence to support this hypothesis.

Correspondence should be addressed to Eden M. E-mail: eden. Eden M. Davis, Karen L. Older adults are utilizing online dating websites in increasing numbers. Theories addressing age-related changes in motivation suggest that younger adults are likely to emphasize themselves, achievements, attractiveness, and sexuality. Older adults are likely to present themselves positively and emphasize their existing relationships and health.

We collected 4, dating profiles from two popular websites to examine age differences in self-presentations. We used stratified sampling to obtain a sample equally divided by gender, aged 18—95 years. Regression analyses revealed that older adults were more likely to use first-person plural pronouns e. Younger adults were more likely to use first-person singular pronouns e.

In contrast, older adults are more positive in their profiles and focus more on connectedness and relationships to others. Indeed, popular media report that more older adults are finding dates online Watson, with one source claiming that adults aged 60 and older represent the largest growing segment of adults using online dating websites Ellin, Few studies have examined age differences in dating self-presentations e.

Analyzing Sediment Cores

In January , after more than three years of sluggish employment growth, the U. Baffled by such a delayed rebound in payrolls, many speculated about the cause. Inevitably, observers compared the and recoveries, both widely considered to have been jobless.

greater intention of engaging in dating infidelity (hypothesis. 2). The third and primary purpose was to investigate intentions toward infidelity as a potential.

This has nothing to do with a weekly report of your produce in your grocery section. Although I guarantee for some, you will never interpret vegetables the same way upon completion. Dating and love would have to be the two most complex, jaded and convoluted topics. Humankind has manifested machines soaring higher than the universe. We have created cars that accelerate faster than the human heartbeat.

In addition, we have engineered phantom limbs and accessories functioning similar to their real counterparts and additional mysterious inventions. Yet in this day and age, we are still unable to create an explanation for the hidden meaning behind dating and love.

Science of Sex- Matching Phenomenon