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The safety of our staff and our clients is our utmost priority during this pandemic therefore we have implemented new policies, our staff are provided with PPE and hand sanitiser is available for clients. Following the latest advise, we are asking that ONLY your partner accompanies you to your scan. From the 8th August it is mandatory to wear a face covering to your appointment unless you are exempt following the new guidelines. Please contact us and we will re-arrange. Our clinic has its own private car park and is easily accessible by bus. Book Your Scan. Follow Us. Client Testimonials. They make you feel really welcome and at ease. They explain the scan all the way through pointing certain areas out and seem exited as you!

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Capture this early stage of your pregnancy – during your ultrasound scan we’ll date your pregnancy based on the measurements which will give you an estimated due date. Please arrive at your appointment time and try to drink 3 to 4 cups of water to mls before you attend. We advise you not to replace your NHS Dating Scan with our Reassurance Scan, but to use this as an early opportunity to see how everything is coming along. If we notice something unexpected we will advise you to see your GP, Midwife or local hospital for further medical advice.

The majority of the scans are undertaken by Advanced Practitioners, highly qualified members of staff who report their own examinations. As The Calderdale &.

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound scan of the heart. It is non invasive and provides information about the function of the heart muscle and valves. It is normally performed by an echocardiographer or cardiologist and takes around 30 to 40 minutes. The test is performed in a private room and you will be asked to lie down on a special bed for the test. It can be performed on a hospital bed, for inpatients who cannot come down to the department.

Before the scan takes place, the echocardiographer will normally place 3 stickers electrodes on your shoulders and chest, to measure your heart rhythm during the study. It is very helpful to time the movement of the different chambers and valves, with the underlying electrical signals from your heart. This provides important information about how synchronised your heart is. The echocardiographer needs to place the scanning probe on various parts of your chest wall.


We have 7 other cross UK centre locations in Coventry, Durham, Halifax, Hull, Liverpool, London and Manchester with expansion plans for further centres in the coming months. All our centres offer spacious, relaxed and modern environments with examination and scan rooms with dedicated seating for you, and should you choose, your relatives and friends too.

We use modern diagnostic imaging systems which enable us to deliver some of the highest performing, crisp and clear ultrasound imaging available today. We also have a full range of ultrasound pregnancy services and can image the pregnancy for reassurance, growth and wellbeing from 6 — 42 weeks including screening for pre-eclampsia.

We have a dedicated Musculoskeletal staff who have specialised in the field of imaging for many years.

Find out reasons you may be offered an early pregnancy scan before the usual 12 weeks, what to expect and when they usually happen.

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We offer Morning , Evening and Weekend Appointments that is available for your convenience. We are only offering Diagnostic Ultrasound scans, Reassurance Gender scans and Reassurance 4D scans and allow one adult guest and No children will be allowed in the Scan room. We do ask that you and your guest wear a face covering when you attend for your appointments. To achieve this, we have the Best fully qualified, trained Sonographers and Scan Packages perfectly designed for you and a very unique customer service.

This gives you, friends, family the unique opportunity to watch your baby develop, creating a beautiful family bonding experience that will be magical, reassuring, relaxing that you will cherish forever in your lifetime. We will always check the health of your baby to give you peace of mind and reassurance.

We also offer 4 dimensional baby bonding scans and gender identification from vascular and musculoskeletal, a rapidly growing market for private ultrasound.

We can also provide specialist early scans that can be adapted to suit all pregnancy needs. Your specialist early pregnancy 1st trimester sonographer will complete your scan with the support of a scan chaperone who is there to answer any questions you may have. Please note, to book a scan with firstScan, a positive pregnancy test result is required. Please message us above. What to expect at your appointment: When arriving for your early pregnancy scan you will be greeted by one of our friendly chaperone team who will accompany you throughout your visit with us.

Prior to the scan you will be asked to fill in some details about yourself, this pregnancy and any previous pregnancies so we can understand your reasons for booking an early pregnancy scan with us but also to ensure the appropriate care is provided. You will not need to attend with a full bladder for this. Please note a trans-vaginal scan is with consent and can be declined however this can affect the accuracy of the results.

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Precious Glimpse, where memories last a lifetime! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction ensuring all customers walk away not just satisfied, but overjoyed with the magical experience that they have encountered. Why not come down to one of our lovely studios to introduce your unborn baby to family and friends. We offer private scans from 7 weeks right through to 40 weeks!

PRIVATE PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND SERVICES LTD TRADING AS 28 Redwood Drive, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, HD2.

Our selection of scan options has been adjusted to reflect current guidelines and also to enable us to meet the social contact requirements expected. Please do not attend if you have a new and continous cough, a high temperature or a loss of sense of smell or taste – please contact us to discuss your appointment booking. The Scan Centre may look slightly different inside when you visit to allow us to meet the guidelines set by the government and we will be continuing to limit clients to only bringing one adult with them and no children.

We do ask that you and your guest wear a face covering when you attend for your appointments too, please. We have taken the appropriate precautions regarding use of PPE also. We thank you all for your loyalty and your understanding and look forward to seeing you soon.

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Noter cet article : 10 votes, en moyenne: 4,50 sur 5. We will always check the health of your baby to give you peace of baby and reassurance. So our gender to you is, no matter which of our scans you are having, you will enjoy every pregnancy of reassuring and ultrasound bonding we provide services related to scans and childbirth in Yorkshire at our Ultrasound Baby Scanning Clinic. Hey guys, what an amazing experience yesterday was, I had my pregnancy scan, and loved every scans of it..

The lady was lovely, she explained in detail, what the baby was doing, showed me baby’s face, and body.. We saw the baby smiling, sucking it’s time it was amazing. If you guys are between 24 and 32 weeks I think, I would definitely recommend you guys to book, you will fall in love with your common one..!!

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